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Every day, millions of people trudge into dreary grey office buildings to sit in cheap, uncomfortable chairs, staring into lifeless screens under fluorescent lighting, trying to make ends meet. 

Then there are those who have taken a different path. Whose office is a concert one day, a state fair the next. Those who jet-set around the country from auto show to auto show, or from major league ballpark to arena to stadium. 

These are the Brand Ambassadors, the Field Managers, the Promotional Models. Who not only make a good living, but who control their own careers, set their own schedules, and whose workplace is everyone else's weekend escape.  



Brands have learned that although television commercials, magazine ads, radio spots, social media, billboards - all of the marketing tools that exist - can help them, but few can do what live events can. Humans need humans. 

Every day in every city there are Experiential Marketing events taking place - all of which need qualified, talented staff - like you. The pay is good, and you control how much and when  you work.

Experiential Marketing Academy courses are for people who are already working in Experiential Marketing and who want to further their career, as well as for people looking to start a career in events.



The Experiential Marketing industry has been around for 20 or 30 years, depending on how you figure it. Until now, anyone could be a Brand Ambassador, a Promotional Model, a Field Manager or any of the other roles that exist in this fast-growing industry.

But as the industry matures, things are changing. Brands don't want a "warm body," and Agencies no longer want to rely on someone's resume and interview as proof that they know their stuff.

Now, the true professionals are becoming certified through the Experiential Marketing Academy, to advance their careers, book more gigs, and command higher pay rates. 


Introduction to XM


What is Experiential Marketing? 

Who is this for, and what are the positions? 

How does a person get started? 

This free 30-minute course gives you everything you need to know to start your career. 

Brand Ambassador 101


The "crash course" to make you a valuable asset on an event site - and to help you get started booking good gigs that pay well. From lifestyle design to financial management, networking, and tools of the trade, this $99 course will pay for itself in your first job.

Ambassador Certification


This course is what transitions you from loosely held "gig work" to an actual career. Full-scale training for a fraction of college tuition; completing this course makes you an official, certified Brand Ambassador including a diploma and a  listing in our national database. 

Field Manager Masterclass


Available to people who have completed the Ambassador Certification, this add-on certificate qualifies you for leadership in the field. With a suite of advanced skills including leadership, metrics tracking, risk mitigation, skills for national tours, and more.

Production Masterclass


Available to people who have completed the Ambassador Certification, this add-on certificate is for people who want a skillset in producing events in the field. Team leadership, audio, video, power distribution, rigging, trussing & staging, vehicle management and more. 

Emcee Masterclass


Available to people who have completed the Ambassador certification, this add-on certificate is for people who want to have access to the lucrative, high visibility on-stage careers. Audience Engagement, Voice Control, A/V Tools, Media Training and more make up this course.

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